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Watch this space for monthly courses on Fire Regulation and Compliance


So, if you are the person with the responsibility for completing and/or managing Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments, you should attend.


The courses will provide delegates with sufficient information, guidance and clarity to enable the Duty Holder to comply with their Fire Safety responsibilities under the RRO.

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Friday 30th November

Several years ago, fire legislation throughout the United Kingdom entered a new regime of self-compliance. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 commonly known as the RRO or FSO was introduced in 2006 and represents the most significant change to the governance of fire safety for over 50 years. The overarching obligation is to achieve and sustain Compliance with the Fire Regulations. The ‘Responsible Person’, otherwise known as the ‘Duty Holder’ maybe the Business Owner/Employer, Occupier, Landlord/Owner or Lead Contractor, the person having overall control of the building. Each organisation will have a ‘Duty Holder’ who has the task of providing sufficient evidence to demonstrate compliance is in operation.


"What a superb event, well presented, a source of both knowledge and experience. I know other attendees left with questions answered and clarity going forward about their own compliance requirements. Well done Pete and his team"

Mike Boulter: Greater Manchester Combined Authority


Arrival: 9am (Tea & Coffee)
Start: 9:30am
Presentation: 9:30 – 11:15am
Break: 11:15am
Presentation: 11:30 – 12:15pm
Q & A: 12:15pm
Finish: 12:30pm

Presentation Content

  • Are you compliant?
  • If you have any doubts, come along to this presentation for a ‘Peace of Mind’ second opinion from specialists in the field.

Enforcement responsibilities

Enforcement responsibilities are the domain of the respective Fire Authority with their prime role being to guide organisations to achieve broad compliance with the Fire Regulations. Yet, it is hardly known that a much higher level of compliance is required.

Enforcement Action

During the last 3-5 years, unprecedented levels of Enforcement Action has been taken with Courts issuing significant awards including unlimited fines and custodial sentences.

Are you compliant?

If you have any doubts, come along to this presentation for a ‘Peace of Mind’ second opinion from specialists in the field.

Course content

- Aims and Objectives of the RRO
- Key Responsibilities of the Duty Holder
- What does it mean to be compliant?
- Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor
- The Solution: 4 Simple Steps for Compliance to be Assured


- Attendees to have a clear understanding of their ‘Life Safety’ responsibilities
- Provide clarity as to what is required for compliance to be evidenced
- Enable organisations to ‘Achieve and Sustain’ compliance with the RRO

About the Speaker

  • Pete Moulson - Managing Director

Pete is an experienced Fire Safety Practitioner having over 36 years operating within the Fire Industry, a significant amount of which was serving within a local authority Fire & Rescue Service. Pete has personally completed in excess of 4,000 Fire Risk Assessments. His specialist area is achieving and sustaining Fire Compliance, a presentation delivered with passion, knowledge and related to your issues.

"Leave no doubts about fire compliance."- Pete Moulson

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