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Pete Moulson - Managing Director, FCMS Ltd

Pete Moulson

Managing Director

Speak to me or connect with me via Linked In and send me any questions you have about Fire Safety or Risk Reduction practices for your business. If you have enforcement actions pending, we can help and liaise with the authorities on your behalf.

Learn More About Fire Safety

We can come to your business were representatives can attend our workshop to learn from experts about your compliance responsibilities, how to avoid enforcement action and get regulatory compliance.

By attending our workshop you will become informed. You can also share 'cross-site' experiences, thoughts and aspirations with other employees but moreover, learn from me, Pete Moulson, an expert in this field who will provide you with sufficient knowledge for you to understand your compliance responsibilities.

When you leave, you will go away with the confidence, knowledge and awareness of what a ‘Peace of Mind’ Fire Strategy really looks like.

Our workshops are aimed at:
- Health And Safety Consultants
- Asset Protection Managers
- Construction Site Managements
- Building Services Managers
- Head of Construction
- Building Managers
- Health And Safety Specialists
- Property Managers
- Health And Safety Managers
- Retail Store Managers
- Construction Managers
- Senior Quantity Surveyors
- Senior Asset Managers
- Senior Construction Managers
- Retail Managers
- Construction Consultants
- Building Surveyors
- Health And Safety Officers

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FINED £10,752

A Morecambe hotelier, Syed Masood Ahmed has been sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, after pleading guilty to 12 charges under the Fire Safety Order.

The case involved numerous fire breaches found at Sunny’s Inn, 31 West End Road, Morecambe, which was operated as a hotel and house of multiple occupancy.

Sentencing Ahmed at Preston Crown Court, Mr Recorder Duck QC stated that Ahmed had taken a calculated gamble which had placed employees and residents at risk of death or serious injury and despite numerous visits by the fire service, which had resulted in enforcement notices and action plans.

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Commonly Asked General Questions

What is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was introduced in October 2006. Fire and rescue authorities and other bodies (‘enforcing authorities’) have a duty to enforce fire safety in non-domestic premises.
Why should my business have an FRA?
Not only is it a legal requirement but it also reduces the risk around having a fire incident. Your staff should also be trained in Fire Safety thus again reducing the risk of the fatal consequences that can occur from fire. When 60% of SME's who have a fire don't recover, you can see the importance for Fire Safety and having a robust fire safety strategy in place.
Does the RRO (Fire Safety Order) apply to me?
If you are the ‘Responsible Person’ for Fire Safety within your premise or your organisation, YOU ARE LEGALLY OBLIGED to have an up to date, suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment and an on-going fire management system in operation.
Can my local Fire Officer do what I need?
NO. The local Fire Authority; can NOT provide this service as they are the Enforcing Body.
What about my insurance if I have a fire?
THINK. Your Fire Insurance cover may well be affected if, after experiencing a Fire Incident, it is deemed that your Fire Risk Assessment fails to comply with the required standard. It is therefore crucial that you use FCMS to determine what actions and services apply.
What happens if I don't comply?
CONSEQUENCES. This is NOT optional. It is MANDATORY for the "Responsible Person" to have a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment done by a competent person. We can provide the appropriate guidance and training.
Why should I have a Fire Risk Assessment?
The purpose of the FRA, is to reduce the risk of fire, identify the people at risk and the general fire precautions required to keep people safe. It can also help with your insurance claim should you have a fire.
What is a Fire Risk Assessment?
It is a detailed report based on the findings by our experienced Fire Risk Assessors when they have carried out their site visit.
What is the procedure to obtain a Fire Risk Assessment?
  1. We send an accredited Fire Risk Assessor to you.
  2. Our Fire Risk Assessor will compile and complete a report about all matters relating to fire safety.
  3. We will issue a report highlighting satisfactory areas along with areas that require attention or do not comply with the Fire Regulations.
  4. We will discuss your action areas with you and plan a course of action.
  5. Provide access to your online report in our secure portal.
What do I receive after the assessor's visit?
The detailed report will include highlighting satisfactory areas along with areas that require attention or do not comply with the Fire Regulations.
Are Fire Risk Assessments required annually?
NO, however, if you make changes to your property or business that are outside of the previous inspection you will be required to complete a new FRA. It is your responsibility to review the FRA and act upon the actions required if highlighted in the previous inspection. Some housing associations do complete annual inspections. Companies on our Fire Compliance Scheme have hassle free management of the FRA's.
Can I do my own Fire Risk Assessment?
YES. But it is almost certain that professional Fire Safety expertise will be required - DIY efforts or using inexperienced people is very UNLIKELY to reach the required standard. Our GAP Analysis will tell you what is required and the correct process to undertake to achieve compliance.
If I have an assessment, am I compliant?
NO. You are compliant if the report is deemed suitable and sufficient and you have implemented the works required and the whole process is managed and periodically reviewed.
Responsible Persons

It is common for there to be more than one Responsible Person for a building.
For example, if you work in an office block where there are different businesses on each floor, there should be a Responsible Person for each separate business. In this case, the Responsible Person from each company will need to communicate about fire safety concerning the whole building.

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