Fire Compliance Test

Can you prove you are complying with Fire Regulations?
Can you answer these questions?

Can you prove you are complying with Fire Regulations?

1 Do you have a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment?

2 Was the Fire Risk Assessment completed by a 'Competent Person'?

3 Have you implemented the significant findings of the assessment?

4 Do you have the required fire safety documentation such as: Fire Policy, Emergency Plan & Fire Evacuation Procedures?

5 Where appropriate, are you carrying out adequate fire training to your workforce?

6 Do you have evidence that you are managing your fire safety regime to the required standards?

7 Do you have up to date records for the maintenance of fire equipment and other fire safety regimes e.g. fire drills, testing of fire alarms, training etc?

8 Do you periodically review and revise the Fire Risk Assessment as required?

IF you have answered NO or you DON’T KNOW, it is highly probable you will NOT be complying with the Fire Regulations leaving you vulnerable and wide open to enforcement action, and even prosecution.

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Why Choose Us?

We are independent and experienced in our field.
Myself, and all of my fire safety specialist colleagues are all experienced ex fire service personnel each with in excess of 30 years operating within our profession and I have a capability to scale up the size of this specialist workforce as required.
We do not sell equipment.
We have no commercial gain by selling other products. We do nothing more than tell the truth, guide and support our clients as required.
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When new clients are faced with difficulties in our field, it is our job is to find the most cost effective solutions and guide them through their legal obligations avoiding spending money unnecessarily and focus on investment, only when required.
Where required, we liaise with the local Fire Authority.
We frequently liaise with local Fire Officers to ensure they are aware of what we are achieving with clients within their areas. This assists in creating confidence with our clients as they can see we are credible in what we do, the advice we provide and the outcomes we create.

Can you prove you are complying with Fire Regulations? If not, then you could be liable for prosecution.


£200,000: Radnor Hotel fined for non-compliance
£160,000: Bayswater Hotel fined for non-compliance
£95,000: Al Murad DIY Ltd
£76,000: A Manchester Club
£40,000: Lewisham Homes