Fire protection audit service

Save money on fire extinguishers with a Fire Protection Audit
Fire Protection Audit

Designed for the larger, or multi-site, organisations with 500 or more Fire Extinguishers.

  • Are paying too much for your Fire Extinguishers?
  • Do you have too many extinguishers?
  • Maybe they are the wrong type and/or in the wrong place?
  • Are your annual maintenance bills consistently too high?

If the answer to any of the questions is Yes FCMS have a tried and tested process for reducing your annual bills by as much as 60%.

Fire Compliance Support

Don’t leave problems alone, leave them to us.

Once a building has had a Fire Risk Assessment, several things might require urgent attention. Fire Equipment upgrades or new installations may be required such as new Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting. There may be too many Fire Extinguishers, or of the wrong type and location and the same with Fire Signage. Alternatively on-going support may be required with improving the passive fire protection affecting Fire Resisting walls, doors, floors and ceilings.

There are no simple issues, but they all need to be resolved to comply with the Fire Regulations. Time and time again we see clients so daunted by the demands of achieving compliance they spend too much money on the back of poor advice, over selling of equipment or simply don’t bother doing anything and brush the whole thing under the carpet hoping the problem will go away. It won’t…

With an FCMS specialist on board, we can completely project mange and oversee large projects. Our expertise will be working in your favour and we’ll be on your side – getting the right suppliers, the right balance of solutions, competitive prices and ultimately the most cost effective solutions available. FCMS can manage the expectations of the Enforcing Bodies such as the Fire Authority or Building Control. Dealing with Architects and contractors can be problematic.

For an agreed daily rate or a price for a complete project, let FCMS take some of the pain out of Achieving Compliance.

Our membership to professional bodies provides you with peace of mind.

FRACS has been designed to provide a ‘technical reference’ for the risk assessor; using the international standard for bodies operating certification of persons; BS EN ISO/IEC 17024: 2003. FRACS provides a standardised and nationally recognised certificate of competence.

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Why risk it?

Our professional team can deliver all types of Fire Safety solutions to your organisation.
So, don't delay and contact FCMS, the UK’s leading Fire Compliance Company.

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