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Can you prove you are complying with Fire Regulations?

If you are the ‘Responsible Person’ for Fire Safety within your premise or your organisation, YOU ARE LEGALLY OBLIGED to have an up to date, suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment and an on-going fire management system in operation. If you are confident of your present legal position, you should be able to honestly answer YES to all of the questions in our FIRE COMPLIANCE TEST.

The first and most important element of achieving compliance with the Fire Regulations is for an organisation to be in possession of a robust Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) which should be sufficiently robust to satisfy the scrutiny of both the Fire Authority (during a Fire Safety Audit), or indeed if the unthinkable happens and you have a fire, your Insurance Company.

Completing an FRA involves the following:

  • Attendance to site of an FCMS Fire Risk Specialist who is both experienced and qualified to complete the FRA.
  • Once completed, this will be followed by the submission of a hard copy report in an FCMS Fire Compliance folder.
  • Access will also be provided to the FCMS Web Portal where an electronic version will be available.

Protecting your companies ‘Reputational Risk’ can be a challenge, but in this case FCMS will come to site have a proven track record of creating cost effective results and are confident of resolving any issues identified during the process.

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Our membership to professional bodies provides you with peace of mind.

FRACS has been designed to provide a ‘technical reference’ for the risk assessor; using the international standard for bodies operating certification of persons; BS EN ISO/IEC 17024: 2003. FRACS provides a standardised and nationally recognised certificate of competence.

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Can I do my own Fire Risk Assessment?

NO.It is almost certain that professional Fire Safety expertise will be required - DIY efforts or using inexperienced people is very UNLIKELY to reach the required standard. Our GAP Analysis will tell you what is required and the correct process to undertake to achieve compliance.

If I have an assessment, am I compliant?

NO. You are compliant if the report is deemed suitable and sufficient and you have implemented the works required and the whole process is managed and periodically reviewed.

Can my local Fire Officer do what I need?

NO. The local Fire Authority; can NOT provide this service as they are the Enforcing Body.

What about my insurance if I have a fire?

THINK. Your Fire Insurance cover may well be affected if, after experiencing a Fire Incident, it is deemed that your Fire Risk Assessment fails to comply with the required standard. It is therefore crucial that you use FCMS to determine what actions and services apply.

What happens if I leave it?

CONSEQUENCES. This is NOT optional. It is MANDATORY for the "Responsible Person" to have a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment done by a competent person. We can provide the appropriate guidance and training.

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We offer a cost effective and comprehensive Fire Audit plus we will produce a report so you understand how your organisation complies with the regulations.

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Can you prove you are complying with Fire Regulations? Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service issued £4000 .


£200,000: Radnor Hotel fined for non-compliance
£160,000: Bayswater Hotel fined for non-compliance
£95,000: Al Murad DIY Ltd
£76,000: A Manchester Club
£40,000: Lewisham Homes