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Pete Moulson - Managing Director, FCMS Ltd

Pete Moulson

Managing Director

Last year we completed over 5,000 Fire Risk Assessments many of which were Social Housing contracts where new Clients approached us for support. Our service delivery is underpinned by our 20 strong team of Fire Risk Specialists with the rest of the team being Office based.

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Article 9
Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

The purpose of the FRA, is to reduce the risk of fire, identify the people at risk and the general fire precautions required to keep people safe e.g. ‘Relevant Persons’.

Are You The Responsible Person?
Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was introduced in October 2006. Fire and rescue authorities and other bodies (‘enforcing authorities’) have a duty to enforce fire safety in non-domestic premises.

  • Fire Risk Assessments

    Reduce the risk of fire, identify the people at risk and the general fire precautions required to keep people safe.

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Are you the 'RESPONSIBLE PERSON' for fire safety?

The Responsible Person is ultimately the person who has legal responsibility for the fire safety in the building. It is highly important that all companies have an appointed Responsible Person, as they are in charge of overseeing the safety of everyone in the business. If they are not ensuring that their company is taking sufficient action for fire safety, they can be fined or sent to prison for not meeting regulations.

It is common for there to be more than one Responsible Person for a building. For example, if you work in an office block where there are different businesses on each floor, there should be a Responsible Person for each separate business.

In this case, the Responsible Person from each company will need to communicate about fire safety concerning the whole building.

How to COMPLY with the Fire Regulations

With in excess of 38 years' operating within the Fire Industry I can personally help with your Fire Risk Assessments, if...

  • You don't have a Fire Risk Assessment
  • You have had one done by your own organisation but you feel that it may be inadequate
  • You have had one done by an alternative provider but the fire authority has led you to believe that it is not suitable or sufficient
  • You are unsure if you comply with the regulations
  • You have outstanding compliance actions and you need advice on the best course of action to take to achieve compliance

Call me, Pete Moulson on 0844 332 0445 or chat now

How we COMPLETE your Fire Risk Assessment

  • We send an accredited Fire Risk Assessor to you.
  • Our Fire Risk Assessor will compile and complete a report about all matters relating to fire safety.
  • We will issue a report highlighting satisfactory areas along with areas that require attention or do not comply with the Fire Regulations.
  • We will discuss your action areas with you and plan a course of action.
  • Provide access to your online report in our secure portal.

Fire never compromises. Neither should you.

Don’t leave fire regulation compliance to chance, talk to our select team of experienced specialists today. Don’t leave problems alone...leave them to us...

Can I do my own Fire Risk Assessment?

YES. But it is almost certain that professional Fire Safety expertise will be required - DIY efforts or using inexperienced people is UNLIKELY to reach the required standard. If you need assistance, our GAP Analysis will help clarify what is required and the correct process needed to achieve compliance.

Commercial Contracts

Andy Davis-Commercial Director at Fire Compliance Management Services
Andy Davis
Commercial Director
Call 0844 332 0445
I manage our large inspection contracts, including one of biggest housing associations in the UK. Annually, we inspect over 1500 properties or dwellings with our team of nationwide inspectors for this client alone.
We have the capability to manage large nationwide contracts due to our efficient processes, dedicated team of inspectors and back office staff.
For all tender or contract submissions please call me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Safety and Fire Risk Assessments
Call our team of experts and book a fire risk assessment today.
Call 0844 332 0445
If you are unclear about the next steps to take or have further questions about the Fire Risk Assessment process, please read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.
It's always best to pick up the phone and make that call to FCMS for no nonsense answers.

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Our Services

We work with business and people who need to manage their fire safety better, as we all know the consquences of failure are immense.

Fire Compliance Scheme by FCMS Ltd

Compliance Scheme

This is the ultimate control measure you can provide to prove you are complying with Fire Regulations.

Fire Training by FCMS Ltd

Fire Training

To be legally compliant your staff must be trained in fire safety. We offer unlimited online training.

Fire Safety Workshops by FCMS Ltd

Safety Workshops

What does “taking FIRE SAFETY seriously” look like for your business? We can come to your business and present for half a day.