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Simply create your own fire safety policy and other fire safety documents for your business, by purchasing our specially designed document templates. Under the requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 people who own, rent or manage business or commercial premises must consider fire safety and have the appropriate documentation.

Our documents are based on many years of experience, working with clients in a wide range of sectors and are designed to match the risks that may occur in your workplace.

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For a one-off fee, we can provide you with Fire Safety document templates that you can complete on your own.

Fire Policy

Businesses need to put in place suitable, sufficient management systems and procedures relating to fire safety.

The Fire Safety Policy is a major part of that management system and is there to help all companies comply with the Fire Regulations.

Emergency Plan

The Fire Emergency Plan explains the scope of 'General Fire Provisions,' which have been introduced in to this building. This ensures the safety and welfare of all 'Relevant Persons,' (all persons who are legally allowed to be within the premises,) and are under constant consideration/review. They also require that occupants are made aware of their responsibilities in relation to fire.

Evacuation Procedures

The Evacuation Procedures document outlines what actions are required when you discover a fire or hear a fire alarm. The procedures outline the duties of a Fire Marshal and any other Person in Charge such as the Fire Warden.

The Fire Evacuation Procedures are given to all employees, so they understand fire safety in their location.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

Our documentation about PEEP is used to plan the safe evacuation of a named individual in case of emergency. The information is also be used for monitoring purposes to ensure that any company has adequate emergency plans which are periodically reviewed.

Management Records (LOGBOOK)

The Order requires that tests, maintenance and safety training are capable of being audited to ensure they are being carried out. Our fire safety LOGBOOK has been designed for the 'responsible person' to maintain their fire safety records.

The LOGBOOK contains advice as well as space to record all aspects of your fire safety regime.

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