We are here to help you comply with the Fire Regulations.

Fire Risk Assessments

We work in partnership with companies looking for robust fire strategies.

Last year we completed over 5,000 Fire Risk Assessments, many of which were Social Housing contracts where new Clients approached us for support.
Our service delivery is underpinned by our 20 strong team of Fire Risk Specialists with the rest of the team being Office based.

Booking your Fire Risk Assessment is simple, just call the team on 0345 6461991.

Are you looking for:

From SMEs to Corporates, we provide your managers with professional and comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments. This includes both Public and Private sector organisations together with large Social Housing Schemes.

  • Type 1-4 fire risk assessments?
  • Commercial fire risk assessments?
  • Fire risk assessments for flats?
  • Fire risk assessment for companies?
  • HMO fire risk assessment costs?
  • Fire hazard assessment?
  • PAS fire risk assessment?
  • Fire Risk Assessors near you?

Can I do my own Fire Risk Assessment?


But it is almost certain that professional Fire Safety expertise will be required - DIY efforts or using inexperienced people is UNLIKELY to reach the required standard.


Our guide prices are based on the Building's size in square metres, we will provide you with a precise quote after consultation.

- From £195 for 0 to 250sqm per unit*
- From £395 for up to 1000sqm*
- From £695 for up to 5000sqm*
- From £1095 for up to 10000sqm*
- Call for a quote for buildings with more than 10000sqm
Prices shown exclude VAT. * Indicative prices based on multiple small buildings on the same site.

Framework Agreements
We are listed on the following Framework agreements:

  • Procurement for Housing (PfH)
  • Central Housing Investment Consortium Ltd (CHIC)
  • South East Consortium

For Framework agreements, please contact administration@fcmsltd.com for more information.

Our Clients
We work with the following clients:
  • Councils & Constabularies
  • Large & Small Corporate Businesses
  • Housing Associations & Landlords
  • Educational & Healthcare

New clients, please contact Simon, Compliance Director simonbrett@fcmsltd.com for more information.

What does the Law state?
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005:

It was introduced in October 2006 to Fire and rescue authorities and other bodies ('enforcing authorities') who have a duty to enforce fire safety in non-domestic premises.

Article 9 Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

The purpose of the FRA, is to reduce the risk of fire, identify the people at risk and the general fire precautions required to keep people safe e.g. 'Relevant Persons'.

FCMS Fire Compliance Scheme for businesses who need help with fire regulation compliance

Fire Risk Assessors

Our technical team of experienced and qualified Fire Risk Assessors are chosen carefully and have many years of experience.

The majority of our Assessing team have the technical background of having served within a Local Authority Fire & Rescue Service and the management of Enforcement.

We absolutely understand what is required to ensure your Compliance with the Fire Regulations.

If you are not in possession of a Fire Risk Assessment contact FCMS

Why do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

Here are the reasons why you need to choose us for your Fire Risk Assessment:

  • You are not in possession of a Fire Risk Assessment
  • You are unsure if you comply with the Fire Regulations
  • You feel a previous Fire Risk Assessment may be inadequate
  • You have been informed that a previous Fire Risk Assessment is not suitable or sufficient
  • You have outstanding compliance actions from a previous Fire Risk Assessment
  • You need advice on the best course of action to take to achieve Fire Regulation compliance
  • You want to enter on to the Fire Compliance Scheme

The Assessment process

  • Our Accredited Fire Risk Assessor will visit your building (or perform a remote assessment).
  • Our Fire Risk Assessor will complete a report about all matters relating to fire safety
  • The report will highlight:
    - areas that are satisfactory
    - areas that require attention
    - areas that do not comply with the Fire Regulations
  • We will discuss your Fire Risk Assessment report with you and plan a course of action, plus we will provide access to your online report in our secure portal.

What do we assess?


Who and why they could be at Risk


We will identify any potential issues


We assess the overall Risk

How long will it take?

Depending on the size of the property and the number of areas to be inspected we estimate a small building to be less than 1/2 a day.

If we find issues...

If there are any problems identified with the risk assessment we carry out, we are able to fix them and recommend a plan of action to resolve those issues.

How long is it valid?

Usually 12 months.

Pre-visit requests

Depending on the building type, we will advise you well in advance of our requirements, i.e. it could be to provide your fire drill records, otherwise we can go about our business unsupported.

How we can help you, as an employer, to ensure you are compliant with the law?

We are an Accredited company carrying out over 5000 Fire Risk Assessments each year. We have a program called the Fire Compliance Scheme which provides the building blocks to sustainable, year on year, compliance.
Call 0345 646 1991 for more information.

We provide evidence-based customer feedback

Talk to us and we can tell you more about our testimonials and provide customer references that relate to your business or requirement.

Why Choose Us?

We can give your organisation an clear understanding of how KPIs are managed and a clear overview of your entire property/business risk status. Our tracker can provide evidence that your organisation is pro active in closing out actions and completing assessments and it empowers your organisation to develop a clear road map to compliance.

Our Team

FCMS operates a team of professionals across the UK including Project Managers, Customer Relations Managers, Quality Assurance Officers and Administrative Staff.

We manage your Fire Safety projects and our people efficiently with our project tracker system.

Action Tracker

Our Fire Risk Assessment report action tracker is a live document that allows you, the client, to monitor outstanding actions across your property portfolio or business worksites.
Actions are uploaded on a weekly basis so you can see what your compliance status is at any one time.

Secure Online Portal

Using a secure online portal allows us to provide our clients with a shared folder.

This allows seamless flow of information and documents between us and the client saving time and money.

Risk Priority

See in an instant your RISK PRIORITIES, your risks are categorised as high, medium and low risk along with the number of items within that category so you can prioritise work schedules.

High Priority


Medium Priority


Low Priority


Action Status

See in an instant your ACTION STATUS, your actions are categorised as 'to do', 'in progress' & 'complete'. As with the risk priority analysis, you can prioritise work schedules.

Actions to do


In Progress




Our Clients

  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Low/Medium & High Rise Buildings
  • Social Housing Schemes
  • Sheltered Accommodation
  • Assisted Living Schemes
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Retail Developments
  • Sports, Leisure & Hospitality
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • Local Government
  • Healthcare Including Hospitals
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Education

More Services

Our extensive knowledge & experience of current fire safety legislation and guidance documents allows FCMS to reassure its clients and key stakeholders that they have systems and documentation that will withstand scrutiny from the Fire Authority.

Also, most importantly, reduce the risk to life safety to an acceptable level.
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