Fire Risk Assessment Audits

The route to Fire Safety Compliance...

We work in partnership with companies looking for robust fire strategies.

We use BS 9997:2019 and also PAS79-2020 standards when assessing your documentation.

Booking your Fire Risk Assessment Audit is simple, just call the team on 0345 6461991.

Why do you need an Audit?

A Fire Risk Assessment is only one component part of being Compliant...

  • You are unsure if your current Risk Assessment complies with the Fire Regulations
  • You feel a previous Fire Risk Assessment may be inadequate
  • You have been informed that a previous Fire Risk Assessment is not suitable or sufficient
  • You don't think you can prove you are complying with Fire Regulations
  • Your business practices have changed since the outbreak of COVID-19
  • You want to enter on to the Fire Compliance Scheme

Our Fire Risk Assessment audit service report will make your position very clear and highlight the actions you need to take in order to comply.

Did you know?


of SMEs who have experienced a fire never recover

Fire Risk Assessment Audits from £195*

For a fixed fee, we will audit your current Fire Risk Assessment using BS 9997:2019 and also PAS79-2020, this will establish if your Fire Risk Assessment is adequate.

Prices shown exclude VAT. *Indicative prices, call for a free, no obligation quote.

Fire Risk Assessment Auditors

Our technical team of experienced and qualified Fire Risk Auditors can audit your current Fire Risk Assessments.

We will tell you know if you are in possession of a suitable and sufficient FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT that is robust enough to withstand scrutiny by the Enforcement Officers.

Framework Agreements
We are listed on the following Framework agreements:

  • Procurement for Housing (PfH)
  • Central Housing Investment Consortium Ltd (CHIC)
  • South East Consortium

For Framework agreements, please contact for more information.

Our Clients
We work with the following clients:
  • Councils & Constabularies
  • Large & Small Corporate Businesses
  • Housing Associations & Landlords
  • Educational & Healthcare

New clients, please contact Simon, Compliance Director for more information.

What does the Law state?
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005:

It was introduced in October 2006 to Fire and rescue authorities and other bodies ('enforcing authorities') who have a duty to enforce fire safety in non-domestic premises.

Article 9 Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

The purpose of the FRA, is to reduce the risk of fire, identify the people at risk and the general fire precautions required to keep people safe e.g. 'Relevant Persons'.

Audit Process
Low cost...Robust Analysis...


Send your existing 3rd party completed Fire Risk Assessments to us via a secure link. We require your Fire Risk Assessments, Policies & Procedures and other records.


We will remotely review your documentation provided.


The Auditor will provide a report on your current Compliance status which includes an Action Plan.


The outcome of the audit will establish your current Compliance Status.

Compliance levels 1 or 2 would provide a direct route on to the Compliance scheme.

Levels 3,4 or 5 indicates non-compliance and a new Fire Risk Assessment is required. Furthermore, this could also indicate likely enforcement action from the local Fire Authority and an elevated risk to life.

For Framework agreements, please contact for more information.

Our team have worked in synergy with a portfolio of National and International Clients.

FCMS Fire Compliance Scheme

Fire Compliance Scheme

We manage your business Fire Safety Management to achieve and sustain 'Compliance' with the Fire Regulations.

Make sure you comply. Talk to the specialists.
We form an alliance with our clients to deliver achievable, effective and sustainable Fire Compliance Solutions, protecting your people and your business. We provide the building blocks to Sustainable Fire Compliance.

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