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Our team have worked in synergy with a portfolio of National and International Clients to deliver the Fire Compliance Scheme.

Our clients cover all sectors which include:

  • - Commercial Businesses
  • - Educational Premises
  • - Healthcare Premises
  • - Social Housing
  • - Residential Accommodation

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Simon Brett, Managing Director.

Building a safer future

Our scheme focuses on all fire safety matters relating to your premises which includes life safety and business continuity.

We form an alliance with our clients to deliver achievable, effective and sustainable Fire Compliance Solutions, protecting your people and your business.

A robust Fire Strategy and a Fire Risk Assessment carried out by an accredited company is the first building block on the road to achieving and sustaining compliance with the Fire Regulations.

If you are the RESPONSIBLE PERSON for fire safety, then you can rely on us to provide the professional help you require.

60% of SMEs who have experienced a fire never recover

Industry Issues

As members of FRACS, IFSM, IFE & NAFDI, we continually see and hear about problems within our sector.
These issues include:

  • Unregulated fire industry, resulting in misleading and conflicting advice being provided to Clients made worse by receiving poor quality of service and support
  • Unprecedented levels of enforcement for non-compliance of the Fire Regulations resulting in unlimited fines/custodial sentences awarded by the courts
  • The "Reputational Risk" of any organisation is important but easily placed under threat if compliance with the Fire Regulations cannot be demonstrated when required
  • Potential compromise with insurance cover, if avoidable Life Loss or property damage is caused due to the Fire Risk Assessment process being substandard

Addressing the issues

Our expertise is ensuring our Clients achieve and maintain compliance with the Fire Regulations. At the same time protecting them from the risks of Enforcement Action and potential jeopardy of their 'Reputational Risk' of the organisation.

Our company is 3rd party UKAS accredited FRACS (C007) and our technical team of experienced and qualified Fire Risk Assessors/Consultants are chosen carefully.

The majority of our team have the technical background of having served within a Local Authority Fire & Rescue Service involving the management and implementation of Enforcement which is a great advantage when advising our Clients.

How to join the Compliance Scheme

Fire Risk Assessment Audit

For a fixed fee, we will audityour current Fire Risk Assessment using BS 9997:2019 and also PAS79-2020, this will establish if your Fire Risk Assessment is adequate.

A successful Audit allows you to join the scheme

FCMS Fire Risk Assessment

Our team of National Fire Risk Assessors are FRACS 3rd party UKAS accredited with many years' of experience. They can provide your Fire Risk Assessment to a standard that it is suitable and sufficient to withstand scrutiny by any Enforcement Officer.

Our Risk Assessment allows you to join the scheme

The Fire Compliance Scheme is the ultimate control measure which enables a client to 'Demonstrate Total Compliance' within just 12 months.

Call 0345 646 1991

FCMS Fire Compliance Scheme for businesses who need help with fire regulation compliance

Sustainable Compliance

2-5 year membership available

Long term membership to the package ensures you get sustainable compliance at a discounted rate with monthly payment options available.

Recommended for companies that have achieved a high standard of compliance with our professional support.

Why Choose Us?

We can give your organisation an clear understanding of how KPIs are managed and a clear overview of your entire property/business risk status. Our tracker can provide evidence that your organisation is pro active in closing out actions and completing assessments and it empowers your organisation to develop a clear road map to compliance.

Our Team

FCMS operates a team of professionals across the UK including Project Managers, Customer Relations Managers, Quality Assurance Officers and Administrative Staff.

We manage your Fire Safety projects and our people efficiently with our project tracker system.

Action Tracker

Our Fire Risk Assessment report action tracker is a live document that allows you, the client, to monitor outstanding actions across your property portfolio or business worksites.
Actions are uploaded on a weekly basis so you can see what your compliance status is at any one time.

Secure Online Portal

Using a secure online portal allows us to provide our clients with a shared folder.

This allows seamless flow of information and documents between us and the client saving time and money.

Risk Priority

See in an instant your RISK PRIORITIES, your risks are categorised as high, medium and low risk along with the number of items within that category so you can prioritise work schedules.

High Priority


Medium Priority


Low Priority


Action Status

See in an instant your ACTION STATUS, your actions are categorised as 'to do', 'in progress' & 'complete'. As with the risk priority analysis, you can prioritise work schedules.

Actions to do


In Progress




Our Clients

  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Low/Medium & High Rise Buildings
  • Social Housing Schemes
  • Sheltered Accommodation
  • Assisted Living Schemes
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Retail Developments
  • Sports, Leisure & Hospitality
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • Local Government 
  • Healthcare Including Hospitals
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Education


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